Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I love Minecraft Maths

That's what a year 6 student said to me today....'I love minecraft maths with you Mr W' have to love hearing that  and it really is no wonder why they enjoy it. They followed instructions, moved fast between sections of the lessons and worked very well together in pairs.

Volume exercise for year 6 & 7 students requires them to build a residence with a partner in the city.

 The home must be no bigger than ten blocks high and be built within the grassed area they are given. 

Each pair is given a protected chest containing all the items needed to build a basic residence. We offer items and materials at our town center during lunch times and often hide food in chests. This has proven to work in our favour as the students have really thought more about their surrounding environment since and endeavored to keep it nice and full of life.

It is phenomenal what some kids can do with 10 minutes but will the signs appropriately display the volume of the house.

They know that if the signs near the front door of the house don't show the volume of the house (each room and total in cubic meters) it will be disposed of by Mayor Scott (Our Techie...he loves it) They love it too because dynamite is used and the responsibility of damage to neighbouring properties is the students at fault responsibility.

Nice class photo where all kids meet before the lesson.

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