Wednesday, 13 August 2014



If you are caught running down towards the Computer Room 1 you will either be sent to the back of the line or not be allowed in at all (Only on bad days)  Room 9/10 students if you go down to the Computer room on the front of the room side you will not be allowed in to the Computer room.

Thanks Lochie

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shaun's Minecraft Tip of the Week #2

This weeks tip of the week is...

... how to sell items. What you will need is:

  • 1 Sign

Place the sign down.

Line1: Must be [Sell]
Line2: The price '$20'
Line3: The item that you are selling

Hi Minecrafter's

Just a reminder that if you do run on the way to minecraft you will either be told to go to the back of the line or leave the line. Also if you are loud in the line the same penalty's will apply.

Do the right thing and keep minecraft at Ardtornish.Thankyou

Shaun's Minecraft Tip of the Week

This weeks tip of the week is...

... how to protect a chest or furnace. It is pretty easy and doesn't take long. What you will need is:

  •  1 Sign
  •  1 Chest/Furnace

Place the sign in front or behind the chest or furnace.

  • 1st line must  be the word [Protection]
  • 2nd line a name of a player that can access it
  • 3rd line a name of a player that can access it
  • 4th line leave blank
You don't need to type your name.

If it has been done correctly [Protection] will turn blue.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Minecraft Creative Ideas Episode 1


Jordan.W is in Yr 5 and is creating some amazing structures with just little resources available. His first creation was a secret sandstone house which he lived in for a while. He then wanted to upgrade so he found a nice little hill near spawn and started building a temple/tower. The tower was bigger then his old house and looked a lot better. He also done this to show the world we he is capable of doing. I am sure that he will continue to do awesome structures.

If you want to check this amazing structures out just go to these coordinates.

X: 659

Z: 1371

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Minecraft Creative Ideas

This post is to express all the ideas that students at Ardtornish can do in the World of Minecraft. Minecraft is very powerful and can be used for not just playing but for also maths, design work and more.

We hope that you can all see what everyone can do in the World of Minecraft.

I will be posting screenshots of structures that have been created on the School Minecraft Server. If you wish for me to show some of your work on the post please send an email to with the following:

  • The coordinates of the structure [Press the F3 button on your keyboard to display the coordinates, you will only need the X: and Y: and Z: numbers eg. X: 239.14721].
  • Your name and any info you might want displayed with your structure.
Remember to only send in great work.
Your structure may not be displayed on the post straight away.

Thank you.